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results.meriview.in is a Result News Website which provides latest news from various exam result conducted all over India. The website has a committed team of authors to provide you latest content from various examinations so that you stay updated and get the information you need quickly. This website provides you the platform to stay updated with latest happenings in the world of examinations including all the types of competitive and entrance examinations.

Here is our dedicated team of authors on results.meriview.in

1.Anil kumar – Chief Editor
Anil kumar is a Lecturer cum professional blogger from India. He has been working in the education field for many years. That’s the reason why he created this website. results.meriview.in website will let the visitors know about latest results of all exams in India.

you can contact Anil kumar if you have any queries regarding any content or post on akpanchal2013@gmail.com

2. Minakshi Jaspal

3. Sunil Panchal

4. Yogesh Kumar

5. Naveen Kumar

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